Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You want what on a Sunday?

Sunday morning with over 10,000 gallons of product that needs to be bottled now is not the time to have a machine fail. Not mention when you have only one production line and any failure stops all production for the entire facility.

Sunday morning.

Where do you get parts on a Sunday morning!? Not belts, chains, fuses, pipes or general electrical parts, but 15HP 440V Inverters.

Sunday Morning!!!! 10,000 gallons of product will have to dumped by the time any vender opens on Monday!!!!

Hold on take a breath, don’t panic now. Pick up the phone, call (828) 397-6050. You got people. People who have been there done that.

After looking into the error that was shutting their bottling line down I found an Inverter that was faulting out with an over current error. Not being sure what we had in stock for inverters I pulled the drive out and took it back to the shop with me. Unfortunately we did not have it in stock. But my flexibility gives me an edge over other field technicians. I can fix to the component level. So I got the original drive out and put it on the bench and pulled it apart and started doing some standard repairs for these drives. After completing those I found other issues and corrected those. I was then able to return to the customer site, reinstall the inverter and correct a few other issues.

The customer was up and running by daylight Monday, and did not have to dump the 10,000 gallons of product in the holding tanks, which they would have had to do if they had to wait for a drives ditrbutor to open up Monday morning. This could have been worse if it were to happen on a Friday night and the customer didn't call us in. The product would have been lost and nearly 72 hours of production time could have been lost. But with REA in your corner you have 24/7 service to keep down time to a minimum

(828) 397-6050

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