Monday, March 2, 2009

Spindle rebuilds

Over the years as a service technician for REA, one of the most interesting and satisfying aspects of my job has been rebuilding spindles. The different ways that each manufacturer builds spindles makes it a great challenge to disassemble and rebuild them without damaging the basic parts needed for reassembly, especially if they have electronic components like encoders. The spindles we have rebuilt range in size from a large loaf of bread to as large as a computer desk.

Special care has to be taken in recording all the measurements of the various components, especially if they have a drawbar or sensors that monitor the drawbar position. We have developed expertise in repair of spindles from the metal working, woodworking, and stone cutting industries. Each industry has it's unique methods of spindle assembly. Some are motorized and some are belt driven.

Our services include going to the customer's site to remove the spindles, or having the customer remove them and send to us for rebuild. Some of the most popular brands we work with are Awea, Brembana, CMS, Colombo, Fanuc, Fadel, Homag, HSD, Komo Colombo, Miyano, Mori-Seiki, Perske, and Shoda. All of our customers have been pleased with the good results and fast turnaround times that we have given them.

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