Monday, March 2, 2009

Saw upgrade

Completing machine upgrades is always a rewarding experience because the customers, especially the machine operators, are so excited about seeing aggravating machine problems become a thing of the past. This was the case last week when we went in on Friday morning and modified a North Tech cross cut saw that had previously been upgraded with a Tiger Stop positioning system. That evening the operator came in to test the newly modified system and was delighted that we had addressed every issue that plagued him on a daily basis. Modifications such as this, not only improve productivity, but also the morale of the people running the machines. Added to the productivity problems was the potential of damaging a $15,000.00 diamond tipped saw blade.

In this case, it was a simple matter of removing devices that are not only superfluous, but prone to failure, and installing a small PLC to control a few inputs and outputs. The result is always an electric panel that is less cluttered and therefore easier to troubleshoot in the future. Some first time customers panic when we go in and rip out all of the unnecessary, problem causing devices, but are always delighted with the results. These upgrades usually pay for themselves very rapidly with the increase in production that was gained by eliminating the downtime caused by these problematic components. Another benefit is that you eliminate keeping these, often very costly items, in the stock room.

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