Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gas Prices

We have been listening to all the so called experts talk about the economy and what has caused the recession. Surveys are showing a majority of the American people think the President is doing a good job trying to solve the problems. But I believe one simple thing is being overlooked on a regular basis and that is the price of gas at the pumps. Gasoline prices have an effect on everything in the economy. In food prices alone it effects the cost to grow, process, transport, and sell in the supermarket. It costs the American consumer more to drive to buy the groceries. The more we spend on gas the less disposable income we have to spend elsewhere. So the effect will trickle down and affect other consumer products.
We listen to the economists on Wall Street talk about how the oil companies stock is down because the price of crude oil is down, yet they are still making record profits. While they are making these record profits the American consumer is struggling to survive. Washington needs to take a look at the effect this is having on ALL AMERICANS. With the prices increasing at the pumps again we are going to see a prolonging of the so called recession we are in.

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