Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More technical ability then the OEM pt.3

A few years ago a customer in Florida sent in a Baldor drive out of their Fadal mill after the OEM rep determined it to bad and wanted to replace the whole drive for an astronomical price. We found the cpu board to have some bad chips that were no longer available so we obtained a new CPU board from Baldor. Reassembled the unit, tested it, and sent it back. As it turns out Fadal had some custom mods to the software on these drives so the parameter listing is not the same. Updating the stock Baldor software to the Fadal Software is a simple matter of switching EPROMS and SRAMS. But the OEM rep was not a technical person and was wary of switching out the firmware chips. So with Chip programmer in hand and few spare chips in hand I boarded a plane for Florida and went to the customers location and reprogrammed the chips, tested the operation, all good for the spindle. Several other electronic problems were found in the machine and fixed. All simple ones. In one day we fixed more problems then the OEM Tech could not fix in the last few years, and repaired a drive for much less then the OEM wanted to charge

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