Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parker Compumotor ZETA6104 Indexer/Drive

Our lead field technician brought in a Parker Hannifin Corporation Compumotor ZETA6104 Indexer / Drive that the customer said had been functioning strangely. The ZETA6104 was used in a tool changer application. After disassembling the ZETA6104 and finding no obviously damaged components, I applied 120VAC to the line input. The control voltage power supply did not come up. It appears that the customer’s description of “functioning strangely” was due to the +5VDC power supply starting to fail. And when I tested the ZETA6104, the power supply had given up entirely.

After fixing the power supply, our lead engineer downloaded and saved the ZETA6104’s Program Initialization Data and Tool Changing Program to a laptop computer. This being done on the chance it could be lost in the future and require re-loading.

To test the ZETA6104 in this application, I built an interface board to simulate the machine I/O functions. Our lead engineer studied the tool changer program code to figure out how to properly sequence the inputs to simulate the machine. With the interface board I completely tested the ZETA6104 as if it were running in the machine. The ZETA6104 passed all the tests.

The field technician installed the ZETA6104 Indexer / Drive at the customer site and it performed without error.

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