Monday, March 9, 2009

Servo Motor Repair

REA Technologies, Inc. has experience in the repair of not only more than Eighty different brands of servo motors, but also, many different models or types of each brand. See the list below and you will most likely recognize a brand that your company uses. Even if you don't see a brand you recognize, we will gladly quote any brand and any type of motor.

ABB, A and B, Allen Bradley, ACM, API, Baldor, Bautz, Bayside, Bodine, Brienz, Brinkman, Brock Compton, CEM, Comair, CMC, CMS, Cup Motor, Custom Servo, Daikin, Dumore, Duty Max, EG and G, Electrocraft, Electromotorwerk, Elektra, ETR, Fagor, Fanuc, Faurndau, GE, Gettys, Georgi Kobald, Giordano, Glentek, Gould, Groschopp, Hanning, Homag/Omlat, Honeywell, Indramat, Industrial Drive, Kollmorgen, Komo/Colombo, Lafert, Lenze, Leroy Somer, MAE, Magnetek, Marathon, Matador, Max Datwyle, MCG, MITS, Mitsubishi, Moog, Nuovo Remital, Okuma, Oriental, Pacific Scientific, Panasonic, Parker Compumotor, Peerless, QMC, RAE, Reliance, Rietchle, Rotron, Sangiacomo, Sanyo Denki, Selema, SEM, Shimpo, Siboni, Siemens, SM Cyclo, Stegman, Superline, Ultract, Unitec, Vickers, Vogel, Voith Turbo, Yaskawa, Ziehl Abegg.

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