Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Importance of Proper Packaging When Shipping CRT Monitors

I received an older CRT monitor for a Holzma angular saw this morning from a new customer in Alabama. They are quite lucky that it arrived with no broken glass. The unit was not packaged very well. One has to understand that often times boxes are drop-kicked or punted to their destination. It is the shippers' ultimate responsibility to make sure that the item(s) is adequately protected during shipping.

When packaging CRT monitors I always wrap them in bubble wrap. After this is done I then will cut out a piece of cardboard and tape it over the face. I often double layer the box it is going in as well. This takes a little extra time but is worth it. Replacing a damaged CRT can get very costly if you can even find one. Often they can be replaced by newer LCD's that are not cheap.

Here at REA the utmost care is taken when returning a repaired item to a customer, be it a monitor, a pcb, a motor, etc. I have been responsible for shipping and receiving here for the past 8 years or so. I can proudly say that I can count the damaged items I have personally packaged and shipped on one hand. A lot of care and attention is given by me to ensure that the customer receives their repaired item back in one piece.

So as you can see, the job is not over when the repair is done. The item has to make it back to the customer intact and functioning. When shipping your repair to us you can be assured that it will be treated as if it were my own.

REA can take care of all types of monitors/lcds. The next time you need one repaired just let us know. You can rest easy that you won't get back a pile of glass!!!

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