Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking of moving?

When you need to move a machine who do you think of first? Riggers? Well, how about the company that helps to take care of your equipment. They have helped with your electrical and electronic issues. They have helped with your mechanical repairs from hydraulic systems to replacing ball screws to reconditioning spindles. They have helped with your software and programming issues. They have even helped make your machines run more efficient so you could make a higher profit. REA Technologies has helped you with all this, then why not with your machinery move. Whether it is a new piece of equipment being moved in, relocating an existing piece within your building or a move completely out of your facility, we can help you accomplish it. Who would be better to help disassemble and then to reassemble than a company that has first hand knowledge about your equipment. The technicians at REA have been involved with all forms of equipment for over 20 years, including moves. We know what it takes to get that machine back into production as quickly as possible.

Just last week we quoted on moving a piece of woodworking equipment from its location in Wisconsin to a new home in New Zealand. This would require disassembling the equipment and preparing it for an ocean container; making sure it would be safe for the trip half way around the world. It would also require our technicians to unload the container and reassemble the equipment and to verify that it is in complete operational order. Because of our extensive knowledge of this particular piece of equipment, REA was the ideal company to help make this possible.

The next time you need to relocate that piece of equipment, don't just think of riggers, but think of REA Technologies. We can make the entire experience pleasant and beneficial.

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