Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Burkle Press Will Not Outfeed Boards

We had a customer that their Burkle press wouldn't outfeed the boards. We checked all of the input sensors and they were all good. The technician found a problem in the program, accessed it thru the operating screen, made some changes, and the Burkle press worked like a champ.

Mori Seiki NV5000 CNC

Would you know what to do if you had an "Oil Cooler" alarm on a Mori Seiki NV5000 CNC? The solution proved to be very simple. We were in and out in two and a half hours from being called. I f we can help you with your Mori Seiki please contact us.

Rye CNC E-Stop Problem

Ever had an E-Stop that wouldn't reset no matter what you did? This was just the case recently on a Rye CNC machine. There were no outputs at all. In less than 2 hours our technician found the problem and rectified it. He cycled the machine several times and all came up good. As you can see, it pays to call in someone who knows how to efficiently and quickly solve the problem. Here at accuracy and efficiency are the norm. When you need answers or solutions, we are here.

Pilz E-Stop

Anyone who maintains industrial electronic equipment knows how aggravating E-stop problems can be. Recently, we were called in on such a problem with a Busellato Jet 4002XL CNC with a Pilz E-stop module giving a "General Emergency" alarm. The technician traced out the circuits of the E-stop, found the problem, and corrected it. The problem was solved in 3 hours and the customer was back in production.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mori Seiki Mill MV40B

Mori Seiki mill owners, have you experienced an OT112 DC Link Excess Current alarm and couldn't find the cause? REA Technologies had a customer with this alarm on their MV40B mill. To make the problem worse, it was intermittent. After running through the program several times the alarm showed it's ugly head while reading the DC bus. Now we had it! The technician ran through some additional tests quickly isolating and solving the problem. Choose REA Technologies to be your Mori Seiki service provider. You'll be glad you did!

IMA Router

REA Technologies was recently called in to address an issue with an IMA Router that the machine did not turn the spindle on during an auto cycle. The technician found that the problem occured due to the machine not accepting programs within a certain numeric range for tools in the tool holder, that these numbers were reserved for something else. He was also getting a 188 alarm on the machine. The technician successfully took care of both issues and had the IMA Router operating as it should in just under 5 hours! Our customer was ecstatic having minimized lost production. This is just one of many, many, issues that we address on a daily basis and get our customers up and running. We succeed where others have failed!