Monday, March 16, 2009

More tech knolege vs. reading a book, aka Doing what the OEM cant

I had recent experience where a customer had called us to help set the parameters on a new (not working) Control Techniques drive that was replacing an older version CT in a Cefla Easy 2000. I found that the parameters were code locked on the new unit and was really questioning why this drive was being replaced when it gave no errors when I powered it up to get the parameters out of it. After talking with the customer I found that traverse sprayer was loosing position and crashing into the side of the machine. Phone support from the OEM distributor/service determined that the drive was bad. I told the customer they just bought a drive they did not need and had a problem with the encoder or a mechanical problem, the original drive is just fine. The customer claimed they had eliminated mechanical so I did give them the benefit of the doubt on that. After quite a bit of explaining how the individual parts of this system the customer decided to check the spare parts inventory for a motor/encoder for this machine. They found one so we installed it, I put the original drive back in and gave the machine a run. It worked like a dream.
This customer could have saved a lot of down time and money if they would have called us in first. Th
Is goes to show technical knowledge is better then some guy reading out of a book. I diagnosed the problem on problem description alone, with out even referring to a book.

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