Friday, February 27, 2009

A Burkle Hot Press Success Story

REA Technologies was recently presented with the challenge of repairing a Schleicher Rack System for a Burkle hot press. This system had suffered a blown power supply and a CPU that would not boot. There were also problems with the Schleicher input and output modules. In all the rack was comprised of 27 individual units: 12 input modules, 8 output modules, 3 access modules, 2 remote I/O modules, a PLC, and power supply.

Our customer, located in Indiana, had an entire line down due to the failure of this rack system. The urgency of this repair couldn't be expressed enough. In today's economy a manufacturing facility can not afford a single minute of downtime. In addition, downtime also directly affects the employees who are often sent home without pay because the line isn't running.

This was the case for our customer. We here at REA understand how such a situation affects all of those involved. We received the rack Next Day Air on Feb 24, 2009 and shipped it back on Feb 26. This was extremely challenging to do in such a short amount of time due to the number of units that comprised the rack system and the multiple failures it had. The failures were not centralized to any one area.

Our technicians rose to the challenge. The biggest problems we found were cold solder joints on surface mount devices. The power supply had multiple blown parts which we had here in our well stocked parts department. This is particularly advantageous as it eliminates the costly next day airing of repair parts Anyone who works in electronics knows how difficult these type of problems are to locate and correct!

The technicians painstakingly mapped out the circuits and went through every individual unit. They also checked the Eproms and copied them so we would have a back-up for the customer in the vent they were to lose their parameters. We have the capability here to burn replacement Eproms and promptly ship them to the customer. REA has gotten lots of customers back online over the years due to this capability without stepping foot in the facility, saving them money and downtime. The employees benefit by being able to stay on the job and earn money for their families. REA Technologies can most often provide a win-win situation for all concerned.

Contact REA Technologies today for any and all of your industrial electronic repair needs You will find us most accomodating. We are a family owned and oriented business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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